Sunday, December 30, 2012


Joel gave me a new bird feeder for Christmas.  My old one which I had had for years and years was falling apart and I knew that one day soon the bottom was going to fall out and scatter seeds all over.  This one is really pretty and holds twice as much as the old one.  Either I will have to fill it less often or I'll end up feeding more birds.  Which would be just fine.  I hag it from a tree over a  bunch of brush to keep the cats from being able to easily get at the birds.  Seems tyo work.

I have become addicted to bird nest cams this last year.  I started out with REd Tailed hawks at Cornell University, moved onto Ospreys at the University of Montana and this winter am glued for many hours to a wildlife cam in Botswana, Pete's Pond.  There among zebras, elephants, impalas, and baboons to name only a few are some of the most amazing African birds.  As the cam is 10 hours from where I live I can get up int he morning and watch the sun set in Botswana and watch it come up in the evening  I find this world of the internet totally amazing.

If you would find watching birds hatch and raise their young here is a list of bird nest cams all over the world.  A warning:  It's is addicting.