Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hurry, hurry

 I never seem to be able to get the pictures for this blog in the order that I want them.  It doesn't seem to matter what order I upload them in at all.  Oh, well, I've just learned to write my text in the order that the pictures show up in.  It's an artistic challenge.

So above is one of my newest rag rugs. 
 I've spent the day running between the sewing machine and the loom which has the rug below on it.  I need to get the hemming of 2 dozen placemats, several scarves, and 10 new rugs finished for Farmers market this coming Saturday but I really want to weave.  So I did a bit of both.
Everything on the farm is behind.  Joel's arm is much, much better but we've had to just accept that  a lot of things aren't going to get done, some seeds not planted, etc.  And we're being pretty philosophical about it.  The weather has been cold and rainy up until this week so having soil too  wet to till anyway has helped our sense of falling behind.  But suddenly it is hot and the beds are drying out and things in flats need to be planted and I get assigned an artist booth at the market.  We don't have room at our market for all the artists who'd love to vend there so we share on a lottery basis.  Several per week.  I had sort of hoped that I could put off setting up an artists booth as well as a vegetable booth for a few more weekends but it is not to be.  So I am hustling to get hems done, fringes twisted, tags tagged, etc.