Monday, March 25, 2013

Rug Close up

As requested below by The Weaver of Grass, here is a closeup up of one of the rugs on the clotheslines below.  The warp is a heavy cotton rug warp and the weft Joel's handspun wool from our sheep.


Here are 3 of the 5 rugs that I finished weaving recently.  These are the ones with hems.  The first and last ones  woven have fringes because I can use the loom waste that is tied onto the front and back apron bars as fringe and not waste it.  I'm currently twisting the fringes on those 2 and will post them in a couple of days when they're finished.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Loom Repairs

I was just about to start weaving this year's crop of wool rugs as Joel has finished spinning up last year's wool, when one of the side pieces on my loom split.  Thought I was dead in the water until we could get a piece of hardwood to replace the board,

but, Joel to the rescue.  Assuring me that epoxy is actually stronger than wood he glued the parts together and added a few screws for for good measure.  It's holding just fine.
So onward. I am almost finished with the first 5 rugs of dark grey wool on a linen colored cotton warp.  I have a black warp and a white one wound and ready to go for 10 more.  That'll pretty much use up a year's supply of our own wool.  It is really nice to be working with it.

Friday, March 15, 2013


I  love owls.  I've been watching several owl nest cams, barred owls in Florida, great horned owls in Oklahoma, and today there was a juvenile giant eagle owl at Pete's Pond in Botswana.  However, when one got one of my chickens this morning I was less than pleased.  We do share the island with these wonderful birds but I'm not as keen on sharing my chickens.  I figured she (or he) has babies to feed.  And the babies I've been watching on the cams are awfully cute.  The picture above is a barred owl and below is a great horned owl.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Up and Coming Projects

I'm happiest with a bunch of projects going at the same time.  It keeps any one of them from getting tedious and I design as I work.  The colors or textures or pattern of what I am working on makes me start thinking of what else I could do with them.  In the picture above you see on the left a basket of wefts for boas with one on the warping frame. In the back a basket full of scarf warps, a pile of bright pink fabric to the right that I'm currently making into placemats  and in front, a pile of linen colored cotton warp yarn cones for the up and coming wool rugs now that Joel has finished spinning all of last year's wool.  Time to shear again but he won't have time to spin the new wool until next winter.  I am happy and busy these days.  Good thing as it just keeps raining and the garden is a muddy, wet  mess.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Update

 Yesterday was one of those early spring days when you can actually get outside and do something.  As long as I stayed in the sun I was warm and the soil was warm.  So I finally got to weeding one of the two beds of biennial flowers.  This bed of Sweet William, Canterbury Bells, and carnations was planted in flats last June and into the ground in late summer as soon as a bed was free.  They are growing  nicely and we'll have flowers from them in May and into June.
 And while I was doing that Joel was planting a bed of early spinach.  It may be jumping the gun a bit but it's worth a risk.  He'll cover the bed with a floating row cover to keep it a bit warmer and with any luck we'll have an early crop of spinach.  The hoophouse right behind him has little Asian greens coming up nicely in it.
 This time of year we can let the chickens out to run every afternoon.  They poke around in the weeds and mulch and eat bugs and slugs and slug eggs.  They are a great clean up crew.  Later in the season we won't be able to let them run as they eat too many small seedlings.  So enjoy yourselves, ladies.
And, as I walked back to the house I noticed that the rhubarb is coming up.  I love the turn of the season.