Thursday, March 14, 2013

Up and Coming Projects

I'm happiest with a bunch of projects going at the same time.  It keeps any one of them from getting tedious and I design as I work.  The colors or textures or pattern of what I am working on makes me start thinking of what else I could do with them.  In the picture above you see on the left a basket of wefts for boas with one on the warping frame. In the back a basket full of scarf warps, a pile of bright pink fabric to the right that I'm currently making into placemats  and in front, a pile of linen colored cotton warp yarn cones for the up and coming wool rugs now that Joel has finished spinning all of last year's wool.  Time to shear again but he won't have time to spin the new wool until next winter.  I am happy and busy these days.  Good thing as it just keeps raining and the garden is a muddy, wet  mess.

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