Saturday, March 23, 2013

Loom Repairs

I was just about to start weaving this year's crop of wool rugs as Joel has finished spinning up last year's wool, when one of the side pieces on my loom split.  Thought I was dead in the water until we could get a piece of hardwood to replace the board,

but, Joel to the rescue.  Assuring me that epoxy is actually stronger than wood he glued the parts together and added a few screws for for good measure.  It's holding just fine.
So onward. I am almost finished with the first 5 rugs of dark grey wool on a linen colored cotton warp.  I have a black warp and a white one wound and ready to go for 10 more.  That'll pretty much use up a year's supply of our own wool.  It is really nice to be working with it.


  1. A man to the rescue Margaret! I am married to one like that too - and what a blessing they are.
    Please show us one of your rugs when it is finished.

  2. Crikey! To have a man (or woman for that matter) with this super power! That was a scarey picture. :)

    What is your sett for woolen rugs like these?