Monday, May 11, 2009

Birch Tree Garden

One of my favorite little garden spots on the farm is under our big birch tree. This huge tree is one of several huge trees that are part of the original farm of 100 years ago. Under this tree I have planted bulbs and they bloom through a really lovely succession in the spring.

First are the snowdrops. They appear out of the dead grass in February and make a white carpet under the tree.
Next are the daffodils and grape hyacinths.
And now the bluebells. All the other flowers have died back and it is a carpet of blue. We carefully mow around the area until all the bulb leaves have died down so as not to ruin the prospects of the repeat of the display next year.


  1. Margaret, I love watching the planting, flowers, and vegetables at your place, along with the farmer's markets, not to mention your weaving! The wool rugs are beautiful.

    How I would love to visit, but must settle for visits to your wonderful blog. Thank you!

  2. Margaret: I love your progressive garden under the birch tree. What a beautiful idea. Thanks for documenting it in photos for us. Cheers, Kathy