Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Corn You Can Count On

This wasn't a good year for our sweet corn. We have had none to sell and only a small amount for our own eating and that from one bed that was planted from seedlings started in the greenhouse. All the direct seeded corn germinated at such low rates that Joel tilled it under and planted cabbages. That said, our flour corn, Painted Mountain, did great. This is the shortest season colored grinding corn available. Not only does it make great corn meal but it is BEAUTIFUL.
Harvesting it was like opening christmas presents. We kept saying, "Look at this one!" It comes in a wondrous variety of colors, reds, dark pinks, orange, marooon, blues, teal, green, yellow white, speckled, spotted. Joel's favorite is one that's a mixture of maroon and orange, mine is the ones above in blues, teals and greens with a touch of pink.
Joel tied them to strings which will hang in the house to dry. They make a beautiful fall decoration as well as potential cornbread.


  1. I've had trouble with our tomatoes this year, very little yield.


  2. It's good to hear that Painted Mountain Corn did good for you. I am the guy who created it. I worked very hard for 40 years and continue to advance it for nutrition, stress hardiness and uniformity.
    Dave Christensen (406) 930-1663