Sunday, June 26, 2011


This warm weather after all that rain this last spring has created the nicest roses I've had in years. Above is small pink flowered Bonica.
And the oldest known rose still in commerce, Rosa gallica officianalis, dates back to the Roman empire. These flowers just glow.
Probably my most favorite rose of all is Abraham Darby, a huge English rose of impeccable shape, color and scent. It makes a huge bush. I love it.
This year the honeysuckle and Gloire de Dijon rose are blooming at the same time. They are about the same color and the combination is lovely.
And the big bush of wild multiflora roses is in full bloom and full of little bumble bees. It scents the yard and fills it with a constant buzz. I love it when the roses are all in bloom. I give myself rose tours of the yard every day.


  1. When it is a good rose year there is nothing to beat them, is there Margaret? Yours are lovely - I can almost smell them. Yesterday we saw a whole row of pure white roses in bloom in a shady place = they were exquisite and I didn't have my camera.

  2. Man, I hope there's one or two left by the time I get there...