Thursday, August 18, 2011

County Fair

We rushed home this evening from the San Juan County Fair so we can harvest vegetables tomorrow for market. I've been having a great time there. Joel and I entered a bunch of flowers and vegetables and weavings.
I picked the last spray of my beautiful Altissimo rose and won a Best of Class with it. It was quite a sacrifice but so many people stopped by the Wool Shed where I was working in the sales booth to compliment me on it that it was worth the sacrifice.
I also helped set up a loom for the public to weave on and this young man spent a long time making a beautiful mat. Then he helped another young man learn to weave while I stood back and watched. It was a great day.


  1. It sounds such a lovely Autumn day Margaret - and I am sure you were right to put in those lovely flowers.

  2. That is a beautiful day, and a welcome respite from the heat and sound and fury of the past few months.