Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 All the onions are in the hoophouse drying just in case we ever get any rain.  And Joel has been busy bagging up our 500 lb. crop of Stuttgarter onions these are the ones that will keep until March.
We also have a lot of Ailsa Craigs and Red Zeppelins  that we'll sell before we get into the long term keepers.  For all the weird weather, cool and wet until late July and no rain since, we've had a bumper crop of onion.  Other things aren't as happy but that's frankly why we grow such a wide variety of vegetables.  No matter what the weather throws at us something is happy.

The hoophouse also has piles of wheat and beans and various seed crops drying, too.  We'll have lots of food to sell and eat this winter.


  1. I am glad that some of your harvest has been successful Margaret. It has not been a good year in our gardens, although the onions have made huge progress in the last two or three weeks. Broad beans and peas did well and runner beans are so-so. Beetroot came to nothing. Now we have had five inches of rain in thirty six hours and everything is a wash out.

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