Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rain at Last

When the weather finally decided to change it did so with a vengeance.  After nothing but a few spits of rain since the end of July it is now POURING.  It's about time.  A week ago I was saying that all this sunshine was  beginning to get to me.  It had  begun to feel spooky.  It was so still and clear and sunny.  Not right for October in the Pacific Northwest.  Well, no longer.  The ground is so dry that it can't soak up all this rain so we have puddles everywhere.  But the dust is settled and I can see all the plants relaxing.  Everything had begun to look weary and dusty and dry.  Well, here's to Fall and holing up inside by the fire knitting, weaving, reading, cuddling the cats.  I have to admit that I like this time of year. And speaking of the cats they keep going from one door to another hoping that summer will be behind one of them.  And when it isn't, looking pathetically at me to DO SOMETHING.


  1. A friend in Seattle was just mentioning the lack of rain! And my cat would do the same thing. Afterall, we control the can opener...why not the weather?

  2. We are trying not to mention rain here Margaret as a fortnight ago we had five inches of rain in thirty six hours and our village flooded disastrously. Luckily we weren't affected although my cottage where my son lives escaped flooding but had the approach lane washed away. If only we could all have the rain and the sun we desire. Pigs might fly. Nice to read you again.

  3. Weaver, I thought of you and your 5 inches in 36 hours when I wrote this. We got slightly less than an inch and it is partly cloudy today and not raining. Last July when it wouldn't stop raining I remember saying that once it stopped I would inevitably find myself whining about no rain. Didn't know it would go on so long or am I becoming a weather psychic (fat chance). Stay dry.