Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things are a Bit Crazy Around Here

Things have been a bit crazy around here.  Joel broke his arm playing baseball on Easter at the annual Easter egg hunt, potluck and softball game tagging a 10 year old at second base.  He'll be out of commission until the end of the month and can expect another month before the arm is mostly back to normal.   (His doctor said that softball and soccer are their bread and butter).  So I'm carrying wood, feeding the chickens, planting all the seeds, doing all of his chores as well as my own.  And we won't have curry for dinner for another month as that's his specialty and I'm not even trying.  We've had great help from family and friends and we're going to be fine.  Oldest daughter came out for two days and did heroic work mowing, weeding and planting.  Daughter number 2 has offered her yurt to anyone coming to help out and daughter number 3 has a plane reservation for June and who knows what sort of pieces she will have to pick up by then.....
But the garden keeps growing.  I made the first rhubarb crisp last night. (No pictures as I scorched the crust and although it tastes just fine it isn't very photogenic).

And I've managed to get the next set of rugs with our darkest wool woven in between stuff.  The three hemmed ones are washed and hanging on the line to dry.  The two with fringes will get finished next week.
And Joel has this to look forward to.  Our old BCS tiller that we got used over 10 years ago finally gave up the ghost and we splurged on a new one.  Of course, Joel can't run it one armed but his brother has offered to come over and till so I guess he'll get to take it on its maiden voyage.  I always knew Joel did a huge amount of work but now I am getting to REALLY appreciate it.  He's being amazingly patient but I know he's really tired of this.  He can weed with his left hand he's discovered and thus the therapeutic virtues of dirt will prevail.


  1. Oh dear! When my husband broke his ankle I went through this....(and I am not a farmer!)...and he needed a lot of help as well. Definitely a time when you discover all your helpful neighbors and friends!

  2. Poor Joel - these things always happen at the most inconvenient time. Hope he is not in great pain - the frustration is enough to bear without the pain. Sorry that you are having to bear the brunt of the work too Margaret but it sounds as though you have lots of help - it is at times like this that you find out who your friends are. Best wishes to you all.