Sunday, June 30, 2013


 The new Farmers Market building, Brickworks, is finally finished and open.  We moved our booth inside last weekend and we love it.  The building is beautiful and on a hot summer day it is cool with a great breeze and the lettuce doesn't wilt.

Our daughter, Siri, has come home for the summer and we have turned the flower side of the business over to her as she is so very good at it.  She makes beautiful bouquets.

 I love the low window sills behind our booth space and have been filling them with hats.
It's just such a beautiful space and we are so grateful to everyone who donated money and time and energy to make this project happen.  Do check out the link above for more information about the project.  And also this article from one of the neighbors


  1. So lovely to read your blog again after a long gap - and what a super new place you have got for your farmers' market.

  2. I love your new header Margaret. The rose in my header is rosa canina (dog rose) - the most common wild rose here. It can vary in shade from white through to deep pink. All have a delicate but long lasting scent which is beautiful.