Friday, November 15, 2013

Playng Catch Up

 Having spent two glorious weeks away from home wandering around foreign countries and...having two big craft fairs coming up at the end of the month I have been spending a lot of time chained to my loom since we got home.  I've finished weaving a batch of red and blue potholders which have yet to have their hems sewn up,
and am currently weaving two warps of organic colorgrown cotton tea towels in a huck lace pattern.  I hope to get 20 towels finished and ready for the fairs by Thanksgiving.  Might even make it as I wove 5 of them today.  15 more to go but if I can keep up that pace I'll make it with a couple of days to sit around and do nothing before Thanksgiving.

I'll shortly be back to blogging about the trip.


  1. What a lovely occupation for a blustery day. I am amazed that you can weave so many dishtowels in one days.

    1. You know, I amazed myself. And I did it again today, wove 5 more. I can so this, get things done by Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Beautiful loom work Margaret - and now I can proudly say that I am the owner of one of you rugs!

  3. Hello; nice blog! What is the pattern of the potholders? I've been sitting here trying to figure it out. Fran

  4. Enjoying your posts on your travel, Margaret; thanks for all the photos!
    Can you help me figure out how you made your potholders? I know it's simple, but effective. Were the blue weft rags? Cheers Fran