Saturday, December 14, 2013


When we go to England there are several typically English foods that we have to eat: Cream teas, Ribena, (black currant juice drink), draft hard cider, fish and chips, English bacon and....marmalade.  You can get English marmalade here but you have to hunt a bit for it and there are so many more brands over there.  In the olden days before terrorists plots in shampoo bottles we used to bring back a bunch of it with us.  Now I have to make my own.

I get my bitter Seville  oranges from a place in California called Ripe to You who specializes in unique citrus varieties.  My favorite recipe is one from David Lebovitz.  I've got the first part of the first batch simmering on the stove right now.  I'm all out of last year's batch so I can't wait. 


  1. I used to make a lot at one time when the Seville oranges came into our market in January Margaret. But it is very time consuming in the preparation. Here in the UK you can buy something called Marmade, which is a large tin of ready prepared Seville oranges with nothing at all added. You just have to add water and sugar and it works brilliantly and works out much cheaper than jars of bought marmalade, particularly as the farmer only really likes the most expensive jar on the shelf.

  2. I've used the cans of oranges too. And I agree with the Farmer as I really like the expensive brands of marmalade.