Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Crafts Fair

If you live in one of the special parts of the world one of the realities is that you will be sharing it with lots of other people in the summer. That's the way it works. The only recourse is moving to someplace really ugly. That's an opening to my excuse for not having written in this blog for a week. We've had lots of company and really enjoyed all of it. Both older daughters came with families and friends, summer people finally showed up for the season, and friends of friends stopped by to buy vegetables. We had 25 people helping us harvest on July 4. We always go over to Friday Harbor on Friday night and stay on the boat. This being the Fourth we invited a friend aboard and went out into San Juan Channel to where we could watch the fireworks from both Friday Harbor and Lopez Island. It was great and we didn't end up with whiplash from moving our heads back and forth trying to see both displays at once. Our friend brought strawberry shortcake to eat while we watched. We had a really lovely evening.

The Sunday after the Fourth, that is July 6, was the annual summer crafts fair on Waldron. We don't have a huge population but they all come out for this event which is a fund raiser for community projects. We brought one of our canopies back over with us for shade and set up my weaving and knitting items. It was very successful both for me and for the community.

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