Thursday, August 21, 2008

In the Field

Well, the corn wasn't knee high by the Fourth of July but with the bit of heat we had last week and all the rain since it is definitely growing. We're going to have CORN....SOON. It is probably our favorite vegetable and we have been known to have nothing but corn for dinner, four or five ears each. And even with the new varieties that hold their sweetness longer it is still the very best right from the plant. Well, that's true of most vegetables. Except storage vegetables like squash and onion and garlic, etc.

The other thing that has loved the recent heat is the melons. This year being so very cool I have despaired of melons. Every once in a while we get a summer when the melons just don't grow. This isn't really melon country and those babies would really like to be in Georgia. But there are a number of good sized fruits on the vines and given just a little bit of decent weather we'll have them with the corn.

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