Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Week of August

This last week in August has been a hectic one. An old friend came up from Seattle to visit us at the Farmers Market, I set up my loom at English Camp on San Juan on Sunday in the rain and had some really great talks with a couple of potential new weavers. On Monday I gave another talk at an Elderhostel get together and then went out to Roche Harbor for the last two days I'm scheduled to run the booth for the month. We may try and set up for the first two weekends in September, but the weather being what it has been we may not.

Out at Roche Harbor today I watched a mother House or English Sparrow feed one of her newly fledged babies a piece of a discarded scone. This has to be a second batch to be this young this late in the season.

On the home front the little pullets have started to lay eggs. Above are the first two little pullet eggs. Having started to lay before winter sets in they should lay at least sporadically throughout the winter.

And in spite of the cold and wet weather at least some of the pumpkins look like they'll make jack-o-lanterns. This variety is called Neon and is the earliest pumpkin we've ever grown. That characteristic is welcomed this year. They are what is called a precosious yellow pumkin that starts out yellow rather than green and ripens to orange. This means that even if they don't get fully ripe they will still be colored enough to use for Halloween. And in a year like this that is also a useful trait.

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