Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Reunited with my Camera

No, I haven't disappeared into the ether. I just got separated from my camera and then had all three of my girls come to visit with their families and blogging just didn't happen. Now my camera and I have been reunited and we are hunkered down surviving the heat and the vegetables are growing. The melons are loving the heat. Our Scoop II plants are, as usual, the first to set fruits.
The hoophouse tomatoes are beginning to ripen in quantity. So far we and the families have eaten almost all of them but this weekend we expect to have some to sell. These are Sungolds the best tasting tomato we grow. My three year old granddaughter, Iris, just loved picking and eating them.

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  1. Super sungolds - they are occasionally on sale here in the UK - but nothing tastes quite so good as plucking it from the plant and eating it. Have just done that with our strawberry crop.