Monday, December 7, 2009

New Yarns, New ideas

With the Thanksgiving Crafts Fair in Friday Harbor over with and the Waldron Crafts Fair as well, the pressure is off. I don't really have any serious selling opportunities for fiber arts until next May. Oh, my hats especially are in a couple of galleries in Friday Harbor and LaConner, and I will keep them supplied, but in essence our time of vacation has started. The winter garden more or less takes care of itself and I don't have to hurry up and make anything. So this is a time to think of new ideas, try out samples, read seed catalogues and weaving magazines and put our feet up and drink hot chocolate. In pursuit of that I bought a sampling of new 20/2 mercerized cotton yarns in 12 color wheel colors (I know there are only 11 in the picture, I got backordered on one of the purples). I want to explore some fancy twills in fine yarns in hopes of having some new scarves for next season. This is a good time of year even if the temperature never got above freezing today.


  1. That sounds like a lovely idea...the kicking back AND the new scarves. Since I can't wear wool, I'm excited about your cotton scarves and will look forward to seeing whatever you come up with!

  2. There is something about coloured thread that I find very exciting - same goes for seed catalogues too Margaret! Have a lovely relaxed time trying your new ideas.