Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stocking for Charlotte

I can finally post about the Christmas stocking I made for my granddaughter, Charlotte, who just had her first Christmas. I didn't want to mention it before Christmas because I didn't want her Mom and Dad to see it. I didn't imagine that Charlotte would be reading my blog.

I wove the fabric in an overshot pattern using 20/2 cotton for warp and tabby and 3 yarns of 20/2 and 8/2 cotton in slightly different shades of red wound together for the pattern weft. I like using slightly different shades of a color together as it gives a nice depth of color. The name was designed on graph paper and woven by pickup. I took that part out quite a few times to get it just right picking up the same threads each time and not wandering a thread or two to the side.
The back is from a red sheet I had in my rug weaving stash and the lining from a bright red silk blouse I got at the thrift store. I am really pleased with how it came out. I am contemplating making something similar for Christmas sales next year, but without the name.


  1. Oh how wonderful! I hope Charlotte (and Charlotte's mom and dad) loved it. What a treasure!

    Did you make the whole cloth the width of the toe and then sew off the top where the name is to make the stocking shape?

  2. I wove a piece of cloth about 12 inches wide and cut the stocking shape out of that.