Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red and Blue Rag Rugs

Since the weaving equipment I have lets me put on a warp that will weave off 7 rag rugs, 24" x 40", I like to find enough old sheets in colors that will work together to make that many rugs. The whole set's design is usually based on one or two really nice pieces of fabric I've found. This latest batch is based on those three plaid flannel sheets and whatever solid colors I have that will work with them. The warp is a nice clear blue. That's rug #2 on the loom.

1 comment:

  1. Nice plaid flannetl sheets, Margaret! You would think I could find flannel sheets here in the northwoods of WI, but I never do. The hunt for good sheets for rugs is fun, though.

    Two years ago, stopping at a local thrift store, I did find an vintage+ Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, threadbare in spots, but well loved and used, for $3.00. It will be folded and on the foot of my bed in my next home.