Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nice Little Table Loom

Last summer one of my Farmers Market customers came by my booth to tell me that she'd found a table loom at a garage sale for $10 and bought it thinking of me. It came with a bundle of flat shuttles and lease sticks that were worth more than $10 themselves. I said sure, I'd take it. I can always use another loom (!).

Well, it's a sweet little table loom. I've never seen one like it. I can't decide if it is commercial loom as it has no label or just a very nicely crafted home made one.
It has a unique sliding beater that makes the beater always 90 degrees to the warp which is really nice, and bright color beads that lock into slots to raise the harnesses.
The brake consists of a peg that fits into little holes. If anyone has ever seen one like this and knows what kind it is I'd love to know. I'm weaving little wool mug rugs on it to try it out. I had to replace most of the cords. It came with an old cotton warp on it padded with newspapers that referred to Nixon as President. It is weaving very nicely.


  1. Could it be a Northwest table loom? It looks a bit like one I bought on ebay for my niece.

  2. The Northwest looms that I am familiar with have metal heddles that are open at the top. This loom has string heddles. Did they make other styles 40 years ago?

  3. All I can say Margaret is that it seems to me that loom has gone to a good loving home. Look forward to seeing something you have made on it.