Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marmalade Madness

I've been churning out batches of marmalade that last couple of weeks. Above is a batch of blood orange marmalade. Our local grocery store had bags of blood oranges this Christmas. I've never seen them here in quantities like that and grabbed a bunch of bags for presents and for this lovely red marmalade.

Then I found this citrus website Ripe to You and ordered a box of Seville oranges. I love the bitter Seville orange marmalade and before the current restrictions on things like that on airlines have been known to bring back a dozen jars from England. But again they're not common in this neck of the woods. So much for local food. I ordered a box and am in the throes of several batches. Oh, this stuff is good. The last batch had a tablespoon of whiskey added at the last moment. I expect to get 16 to 18 jars out of my half box (I shared with a friend). Now how's that for food security.

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