Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fancy Twill

The 8 harness fancy twill warp for this scarf has been on the loom since last summer. But I kept having more pressing things to finish and as this is an experiment I kept putting off working on it. But I have been weaving yards of plain weave cotton chenille fabric the last few days and not only am I ahead of schedule on that but I am tired of the monotony of plain weave. So I slipped over to the bench of the loom with this on it and got started weaving. The treadling pattern is long and complicated but I discovered that if I wrote it on a piece of paper in 3 to 5 treadling repeats and then checked each bit off as I did it I could keep track of it reasonably easily. And it is so pretty that it inspires me to keep working at it.

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