Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I'm working madly to get ready for the Christmas sales. My stock is always depleted by this time of year and I need to fill the holes. Potholders are one of my standbys. I make them out of leftover bits of cotton flannel fabric from rug making. They work up quickly and are good sellers. I'm using a point twill pattern this time that making a sort of starburst. I'm quite happy with the result.


  1. Wish I could just drop by your market stall and buy one!

  2. Hi - thought I would say "hi." I found your blog by accident. I used to live in Washington State - now I am on Long Island in NY. Am missing Washington - need to get back for a visit. Last time I was there it was 1997 or 98. I envy that you live on the San Juan Islands - one of the prettiest places on earth.

    Will look forward to your posts.