Monday, October 24, 2011


I love having nuts in winter. Joel's Mom, Millie, has several filbert trees and a big English walnut. Today we went down and helped her shake the trees and gather the nuts. We'll sit by the fire and shuck them and then spread them on racks to dry. One of our favorite things to eat is roasted filberts in salad. We crack a few nuts and then put them on a pie pan in the oven until they are slightly toasted. Yumm. And don't ask about oven temperatures or time, with a wood range I just "cook until done".

I am about to make my annual fruitcakes. Needed the nuts to do that.


  1. OOur sad little walnut tree had just three walnuts on this year. I think we are too cold here for them to do well.
    I am just about to start on my annual fruit cake bake - four each Christmas as presents for friends and family.

  2. One of those fruitcakes better have my name on it!