Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boating in January

I'm sitting in the boat in Friday harbor. We had a rocking and rolling trip over late this afternoon. The town was so pretty as we came in just at dusk. The Christmas lights are still up. I appreciate that in the dark days of January.

Fang and Chas, pictured above, are probably curled up on the sofa just like that in the dark. The house will be a bit cold but they have each other. I feel bad when we leave them over night, but here, this time of year, we can't always get everything done in the daylight hours. They will look at us as if we are strangers when we invade "their" house tomorrow afternoon.

I like traveling by boat. I'd much, much rather do that, even in the wind, than travel on the freeway. No traffic, no drunks (at least not this time of year), no deer on the road. Just a good sturdy dependable boat. And I like to sleep on it in the port here. You can feel the bow waves from every ferry that comes in. The wind rocks it gently, well mostly gently. It's a small cabin, but cozy. Not a big enough boat to actually live on for any amount of time, but a nice comfy camp aboard.

Tomorrow I am getting another pair of prescription glasses. My 3rd pair in 20 years. They usually last less than a year before I loose them, break them, or drop them off a boat. So I much prefer simple reading glasses from the drugstore. When you drop a $4.00 pair of glasses in the water it's not much of a tragedy. My Dad was always dropping his glasses overboard, too. He finally simply wore two pair of reading glasses, one over the other. I think my dropping glasses off boats may be genetic. Time will tell with these new ones. Wish me luck.

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  1. How I smiled about your glasses Margaret. Specs here are greatly overprices too and I bought cheap ones until I needed to wear them all the time - now I need prescription ones.

    I love the idea of your spending the night on your boat and leaving the house in the care of those two cats.