Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Once again I've been making marmalade. I got a case of Seville oranges from Ripe to You
I shared a 16# box with a friend and half of the box made 20 pts. The recipe I used called for a navel orange which I didn't have so I just substituted another Seville. I also realized too late that I had used up the last of the whiskey in the fruit cakes so had to leave that out this year. It tastes wonderful.


  1. I am waiting for the Seville oranges to arrive on our market then I shall be doing the same Margaret. No bought marmalade compares, although I don't think it is much cheaper to make it these days - apart from the satisfaction one gets from doing it.

  2. As to cost, I figured it cost me about $2.00 a pint. I certainly can't buy good marmalade for that in the store.