Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here are a pair of ravens that come through the farm several times a day. They check out the compost pile, clean up any spilled grain the sheep have left, see if the ducks have laid any eggs that we have failed to find. They are big elegant birds. These two landed in the birch tree outside the kitchen window and I took the picture through the window because I knew if I opened the door to go outside they'd fly away. There's always just the two of them except for a couple of weeks in summer when they are accompanied by their very noisy offspring. I was recently watching "Making of The Games of Thrones" and the animal handler was saying how much he enjoyed working with the ravens that are used as messenger birds in the story.

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  1. We don't see them here Margaret as they prefer the higher ground. But I do love all members of the crow family as they seem to be so intelligent.