Monday, February 13, 2012

Grey Rug

I decided it was time I tried we aving some sort of rag rug that's different from the doublebinding ones I've been doing for years. I love the blocks you can work with in doublebinding but there are all sorts of other ways to design rag rugs and I want to try some of them. This is what I am currently working on, two shades of grey cotton flannel fabric with a bit now and then of a red and grey plaid fabric. It's woven in a simple plain weave with double threads sett at 6 per inch. It's coming out really nice. Think I'll put fringes on the ends instead of hems...just because.


  1. Beautiful. Greys like the Washington Winter sky.....

  2. It reminds me of those wonderful rugs on the markets of Marrakesh, which have been locally made and have bits and pieces in them to make them unique. I love it Margaret.