Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Winter Garden

 I found the first snowdrops today.  After a week of cold weather with the ground frozen solid the temperatures have now risen into the high 40's and things are thinking spring has come.  A lot of things are probably in for a bit of a shock to come.  But the snowdrops can take such weather vagaries.  They'll keep on blooming through snow and sleet and, well, you know.

Also, the hazelnuts catkins are coming out.  These are the first trees to bloom.  They are wind pollinated so don't have to wake for any bugs to wake up in the spring.

Meanwhile there is still plenty of food in the garden.  Brussels sprouts are one of our all time favorite vegetables and these little guys will feed us for another month or so.  One of my daughters called them "Fairy Cabbages" and thus they remain to our family.

Admittedly the winter cabbages look rather sad after having been frozen for a number of days but these guys will surprise you.  Cut them and peel off the damaged outer leaves and inside are delicious, sweet, juicy cabbages. 

The chard is starting to grow again after the freeze.  All the outer leaves froze but new ones are already poking through.
There are still boxes of squash and bags of onions behind the bed and apples, beets, carrots and potatoes stored in the greenhouse.  There is an amazing plenty of food on this farm.

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  1. Oh the joy of seeing the first snowdrops! We have a lot under our Scots pines and they are well through the ground but no flowers yet, We have one or two of the golden species crocus out in a very sheltered spot. We have had no real frosts yet - need a few to kill off a few of the bugs. Happy New Year to you all.