Sunday, January 13, 2008

First planting of 2008

We planted the garlic today. 400 cloves of Nootka Rose garlic saved from our last year's crop. It felt good to be getting the farming year off to a start. there was a bit of sun, the temperature was about 45 degrees and it f elt good to get a bit muddy and get our hands into the ground.

All three looms have tan and brown warps on them. The little Harrisville has a brown and tan boa, the big Oregon Trails a multi tan and brown rayon chenille warp, and the 8 harness Harrisville an organic cotton overshot warp for placemats and runners.

To relieve the color monotone I'm also working on a purple felted hat.

2008 is off to a great start. Siri was home for a few days from college in Brooklyn. She had a nasty cold and slept most of the time but I decided that that is one thing parents can do, be boring enough so a sick kid can just sleep and get well.

I sold my first item in my Etsy shop, a purple rag rug. I listed things in the middle of December, a bit late for Christmas, so didn't know how well it would work. I've gotten a lot of hits and this first sale is really exciting. And I just found out that my old library job at the Waldron Island one-room school will be opening up next fall and I think I will apply for it. I loved that job and hated leaving it when we moved to Friday Harbor for high school for Siri.


  1. Hello Margaret and Joel,

    Thank you for starting this blog so we can see the landscape at Thousand Flower Farm, enjoy your thoughts, as well as the bounty and artistry of what you produce. Thank you for doing what you do.

    Best wishes,

    Eko Noble

  2. Margaret,
    Several years ago i bought 50 heads of a red garlic from you --- is that the same variety you just planted?

  3. Andrew. We have grown other strains of garlic over the years but this has been the most common one. It is an heirloom Waldron Island strain originalting at the Bensel's Nootka Rose Farm. It is a reddish color.

  4. Hi Mom and Joel,
    We enjoyed reading your blog. The farm looks so beautiful. Wish we were out there with you. I'd better get out into my garden and plant some garlic...though yours is always better no matter what I do! We worked out in our garden today and enjoyed the crisp, sunny weather. Love, jen, Chuck and the girls.

  5. Margaret - it's good to hear the news of the farm. I planted a little plot of garlic last fall - hope it survived the freezes. Keep in touch - Jill