Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yarn Tangles

I know this probably brands me as a true eccentric, but I like untangling yarn. I remember once telling a weaving student that I had decided that the most important personal characteristic of a potential fiber artist was the patience to untangle yarn. Because yarn will tangle no matter how careful you are. Science News recently ran an article on how things tie themselves in knots.
and I looked at my yarn stash and said "Yep."

I find it meditative to carefully tease out the knots and I love it when I get a particularly bad spot loosened up and a whole bunch of yarn just pulls out and I can wind it on the ball. It's like weeding quack grass roots out of the garden. It's such a great feeling when that long 3 foot piece of root just pulls loose and doesn't suddenly snap leaving you knowing that the end of it is in their somewhere and will happily be growing another plant in just a day or two. We occasionally get an infestation of the stuff in some part of the garden. The only only term solution for a large area is to cover it with heavy black plastic for at least a year. We plant our pumpkins through holes in this plastic so as to not have to take the whole bed out of production for that time. this s\does mean that the occasional plant finds its way up past the pumpkins or out under the edges and we have to weed it out by hand. In a small area digging it up carefully and pulling the roots out by hand works wonderfully and you get that great feeling of satisfaction when you do it.

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