Monday, May 12, 2008


It's definitely time for me to turn my attention from fiber arts to flowers. I have always been responsible for the cut flower part of our farm. We used to grow a lot of flowers to dry and sold them through a mail order catalogue, Island Farmcrafters, a cooperative effort of several islanders. Now I grow cut flowers for sale at the Farmers Market. Above are Asiatic lilies in one of the perennial beds.
These are some small statice plants I transplanted out today. I also put out more stocks, ornamental amaranths, godetias, calendulas and lavatera, and planted seeds of a couple of ornamental millets.
I thought the flowers of some red leaved kales were pretty this afternoon. These plants will be pulled out shortly to make room for summer vegetables. We do save some seed but usually we grow so many varieties that we just get a jumbled mixture in any seed we save. Of course, that can be pretty interesting. We do buy a variety of kale called Wild Garden Kale from Wild Garden Seed that is just that, seeds from kales that have been allowed to mix it up in the garden. There are some pretty neat kales in that mixture.

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