Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Joel bought me this really beautiful rhododendron for Mother's Day. We have a friend who sells them on a street corner in Friday Harbor and he pulled up and said, "Choose one." This is really a pale yellow. It is a tall type that we put in an area with some old fruit trees. I love rhododendrons when they get tall and leggy from growing under trees. There's a grove of white ones like that in the Seattle Aboretum that I used to love when I lived there many,many years ago. This photograph was taken on the dock before we loaded it into the back of the pickup because I was afraid all the flowers would blow off before we got home. As a matter of fact, most of them made it just fine.

There is traditionally a plant sale at the school every Mother's Day. It is a fund raiser for various school projects. We all bring plants and then buy each others to benefit the school. We always grow extra tomato plants and such for this sale and pot up extra flower seedlings, etc. This year most of the flower seedlings are still in the greenhouse because it has been so cold, but we did have extra tomato plants from the ones started for the hoophouse. They were very well received.

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