Sunday, June 1, 2008

Market News

We've had a little bit of lettuce the last couple of weeks but this was the first time we've had a whole bunch of nice big heads. This is our special crop. Joel grows over 50 varieties of lettuce every year and specializes in beautiful, unique, tasty varieties.
My friend, Betsy, is joining me this summer in my crafts booth. Betsy has returned to the island after 6 years in Seattle putting two daughters through high school. This happens to a lot of us as our island school only goes through the 8th grade. Sometimes children are boarded with friends or family and sometimes the whole family moves off for the duration. Just depends on what works best for the whole family and how many other children are involved.

Betsy makes Cedar Spirits, wonderful creations of cedar branches, soaked in glycerin to preserve them and keep them soft, found objects, dried flowers and herbs with hand crafted totally individual ceramic heads. She is setting up a website which is currently under construction and will be selling them on ebay and in an Etsy store soon. I will add links to these as soon as they are up and running.

It was great fun to have a third person helping out. When I set up my crafts at market I end up running back and forth between selling lettuce and rugs and often miss a sale because there was no one in the booth when someone comes to look at the weaving and knitting. Betsy was great at talking to the customers and helping keep the vegetable baskets full. I am going to enjoy working with her this summer. And I sold 4 rugs so it is definitely working!

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