Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Very Low Tide

One of the lowest tides of the decade this noon made the people unloading our food coop order lay planks from the float which was almost sitting on the ground to trucks on the beach instead of hauling big heavy boxes and bags up the really steep ramp.
Meanwhile Joel and I took the boat out to Mouatt Reef which is normally under water, to see what it looked like with the very top showing. Normally all you can see is the kelp attached to it floating around. We also checked out Danger Rock between here and Stuart Island which wasn't above water and all we could see were streamers of kelp. Both places need to watched out for if you are in a boat at low tide.
Then we went out to White Rock to see what it looked like at the incredibly low tide. There were three eagles flying around, not particularly spooked by our presence. Several sea birds were yelling heartily at them.

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