Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Studio Tour

This last weekend was the annual San Juan Island Studio Tour. I was a guest artist at the lovely house and garden of painter Mary McCulloch. I set up my wares and a small loom in her studio with another artist, Nancy Lind who makes wonderful jewelery, many pieces including twisted and braided yarn. As a fiber artist I am especially fond of her work.

The house is on the Straits of Juan de Fuca and looks out across them to the Olympic Mountains. We hung some of my rugs and paintings by Rudi Weissinger and Mary McCulloch on the walls and fences and set sculptures by William Weissinger throughout the exquisite garden.

We had lots of people stop by to see our art and the garden and to chat. I sold 4 rugs and numerous smaller items. So all around it was a successful and really fun weekend.

Since I got home it has been raining so hard that we couldn't really get into the garden to do any serious work and my satellite internet connection wouldn't work. It can't "see" through heavy rain. Finally today the rain stopped and although it is still cloudy we were able to get out and rescue a bed of carrots that was in danger of succumbing to the weeds. And I could get online to write this.

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