Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Production Mode

I am working to build up my stock of things for Christmas sales and finished these 4 felted hats yesterday. I got a call from a friend who has a shop in La Conner called Cattails and Dragonflies. She is opening a second shop down the street and wants hats for that shop. So in the mail they went and I'm back to knitting more for sales here.
I've been having so much fun making knitted flowers to decorate the hats. This one in shades of brown for a brown hat pleased me a lot.
And having finished the 5 wool rugs I put on a pink, blue, and yellow pastel warp for new rag rugs. I have a collection of pastel flannel sheets to use on this warp. This is the beginning of the first one. Most of the rag rugs I've made this year are in very bright colors so it will be nice to have a few pastel ones to offer.

uction Mode

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