Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunny Market, Potato Gift

Ah, yesterday was sunny for market. Well, it started out drizzly as we were setting up and we groaned a bit. But the sun finally came out and it was a lovely day for vendors and customers. I set up my crafts booth next to the vegetable one and hung up my rag rugs. I really like the way the booth looks with the rugs hanging all around.
And then this afternoon a farmer we met down at the docks in Friday Harbor who grows organic potatoes on Whidbey Island just south of the San Juans, came by with samples of the varieties he is growing. He brought us 7 bags of really neat potatoes, fingerlings, bakers, blue fleshed and red fleshed and yellow fleshed varieties. We are going to have so much fun trying these out.

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  1. Margaret: Enjoying your blog as always. My daughters' FAVORITE dinner of all is a potato-leek soup I make using yellow potatoes, like Yukon Gold. I also put in thyme and chicken stock and just a touch of cream. It's perfect for cold weather!