Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Market

We just came back from our once a month winter Farmers Market. With the help of our neighbors, Nootka Rose Farm, we managed to scrounge up a couple of dozen bags of various greens, kale, chard, mustards, spinach, a half box of carrots and 50# of leeks. Needless to say we sold out really fast. I also took my latest rag rugs and sold one of those.

Coming home we ran into a major snow squall. The sun was still shining when we left Friday Harbor but as soon as we got out in San Juan Channel we could see this huge black cloud and sheets of snow blowing up from the north. Most of the way home was cold, windy, wavey, and in blinding snow. As we rounded Pt. Disney on Waldron, the sun came out again. As we were unloading at the dock I looked to the west and there was this magnificent cloud dragon. We are now home, warm and comfortable and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. Quite a day.

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  1. That's a beautiful picture of the water....I like the picture of the rugs too! Hopefully the cabin is nice and warm!