Friday, March 27, 2009

Onion Plants

Here's a box of 2500 onion plants. Joel has spent much of this last week getting them planted. Ailsa Craigs, Red Candy Apples, Big Daddys and Red Zeppelins. The first two are sweet onions and the last two winter keepers. We sell a lot of onions and eat a lot of them, too. We're still working on the last of last year's keepers.

The female red winged blackbirds arrived yesterday. They are a month late this year along with a lot of other stuff. The ladies usually show up about Valentine's Day. The males and females apparently spend the winter in separate flocks. The males were here in late December as usual, and I had been afraid that the flock of females had succumbed to the hard winter. I wish I knew where they spend the winter. They are often here eating sunflower seeds until October. The seeds in the bird feeder is disappearing twice as fast but I figure the female blackbirds need it. They are the ones who are going to be laying the eggs. I have read that birds in areas with feeders actually fledge more young. I often stop feeding the birds about now but with everything being so delayed and the blackbirds just getting here I think I'll keep the feeders filled for another month at least.

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