Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One project Off the Loom, Another Ready to go on

I finished a project today that I have been working on, well, off and on, since last summer. These are natural colored organic cotton baby blankets for a baby that was actually born last fall but will finally get it next week. The mom is an organic farmer so the choice of the yarn made good sense. There are 3 different colors of yarn in this basket weave look pattern. A friend of mine from San Juan Island, Kathy, made baby blankets using this pattern and exhibited them at the Fair last summer. I was really taken with the pattern which comes from the March/April 1987 Handwoven magazine (for any weavers reading this).
And I needed to get them off the 8 harness Harrisville loom so I can put this warp for fine cotton scarves on it. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can start on that.


  1. I would love to see a pictureof the blanket, Margaret. Those colours are lovely.

  2. Is the blanket 8 harness as well, margaret; it is very delicate and attractive-looking! Fran from Calgary