Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In spite of it continuing to be cold and wet instead of warm and sunny (sigh) the garden is beginning to be planted. Joel put out the first 2 flats of little lettuce seedlings today and covered them with row covers o give them a bit more warmth and keep the golden crowned sparrows out of them. Those little birds love to eat small vegetable seedlings.
Then he put in a bed of spinach.
And, to my great delight, the sunflowers I planted in the hoophouse as an experiment in early flowers are staring to come up.


  1. Interesting that you have sparrow problems with lettuces - we have a row of hoops and glass for our first lettuces, otherwise not a single one would reach maturity because of the sparrows.

  2. I'm curious, and I have a British bird book, what kind of sparrows are going after your lettuces?

  3. What zone are you? I am 5a. I planted peas this week, but it's still too cold to plant much else. I need to plant more~ both as a way to reduce stress and just to get my veggies started!
    love the pics on your blog!!!!!!!!!

  4. Our area is zone 8 but this particular farm is in a frost pocket so that probably makes us actually zone 7.