Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When can we eat them?

This winter was so very hard on the garden. I hate to admit it, but we have been buying lettuce at the grocery store. Sigh. But there is hope. Today Joel moved the two flats of new little lettuces from the greenhouse into the cold frame to start hardening off. i planted asters, ornamental amaranths and ageratums in the greenhouse to replace them.
In the hoophouse the peas are coming up. We are trying to grow them there to see if we can thwart the golden crowned sparrows who have decimated the small pea plants almost every spring for several years.
It is warm enough at night for the frogs to start their spring singing I found this one under a board in one of the hoophouses.

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  1. Hello Margaret - for a long time I just couldn't get on to your site, but after reading your very interesting reply to my post on women and farming I had to have another try and what a delight to see that header.
    I do agree with what you say about farming. Maybe we have to be a bit older before we appreciate the joys of working with animals and getting our hands dirty in the soil. It is all so satisfying and young people who turn that life style down are missing so much.

    We too have had a bad winter and are just beginning to emerge/ Here it is wet which is the problem - all our land is wet and muddy and is so slow to dry out. But there are lambs about and the daffodils will soon be out - Spring usually catches up.

    I shall put you on my side bar again and have another go at keeping in contact. Best wishes for the coming season.