Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Batches of Wool Rugs

While the garden outside is beginning to grow I've been inside a lot working on getting the wool Joel has been spinning woven up into rugs. The first warp of 5 rugs was a linen colored yarn that I wove up with various shades of grey wools.
Then I tied on a black warp and wove it up with the dark black/brown wools.
Today I started tying on a white warp to weave up with white wool. Looks like I'll have enough wool left over for one more warp of 5 rugs so I'm designing one with stripes of white and various tans and greys as the wools will be leftovers from all 3 batches above. That will give me 20 rugs to start the Farmers Market season. Then I'll get back to working on rag rugs and scarves for the summer sales out at Roche Harbor. I'm having a great time.


  1. Do please put the finished rugs on for us to see Margaret - they sound as though they are going to be in real sheep colours - lovely.

  2. I am with above! Would love to see the completed rugs, just that little peek has my interest peaked! gorgeous!!

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