Saturday, April 16, 2011


Next weekend is the first weekly Farmers Market of the season. We don't expect to have a lot of vegetables as yet so I'm thinking of setting up a crafts booth next to the vegetables to hopefully sell a few things. Our Farmers Market doesn't have room in the summer for more than 3 artist/craft booths a week so we crafters share them on a lottery basis. However, in the early part of the season and at the end, in October, there aren't all many farmers and food vendors so we can set up craft booths more often. To that end, I have been finishing up a lot of the things that I have been weaving for the last several months and stashing here and there in piles. The fringes on the wool rugs need to be tied up,
fringes on the tale runners twisted, flowers sewed on hats, rag rugs hemmed, etc. and then, I need to put tags on all of them and write them up in my inventory book. That will take a couple of days alone.
So today I twisted the fringe on the table runners that I made with the placemats. My warping frame allows me to wind warps up to 11 yards long. An 11 yard warp will make 12 placemats approx. 20" long plus hems and then I weave up the end of the warp in a runner to match. The placemats are hemmed but the runners have fringe. To keep it from being destroyed in the wash I twist it. It makes it both sturdy and pretty.


  1. Oh how I wish i could come to that market Margaret. The best farmers' market I have ever seen was in Toronto - it was huge and they had fiddle shoots. The next time I went into a restaurant I tried them and they were delicious.

  2. Best wishes for the market, your woven mats and runners look so nice!! I wish I could come too :-)