Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Lettuce

This evening we had a salad with the first of our very own lettuce this year. This plant is one of several seedlings that came up in the lily bed from seed spilled last fall. The seed was from a bed of Brune d'Hiver lettuce Joel was growing for seed and it survived the severe cold last November, probably because it had a bit of snow on it. Even so, we are going to plant a bed of this variety in the late fall this year to see if we can winter it over on purpose.


  1. We can never over winter lettuce Margaret as our garden is too cold and wet - but we can rear early lettuce under glass - just about the size of yours now - and delicious.

  2. Normally we can't overwinter lettuce here either. tTt's why we are so excited about these little guys making it through the winter. Maybe we have found a variety that will overwinter for us.