Thursday, February 7, 2013


 It's that time of year again and I am back in production mode.  First priority is to fill the gaps in my stock from last years sales.  Since the local co-op has 1 potholder and I have 1 more in my stash I figured I'd better get going on more of them.  I make them from cotton flannel material left over from rugs.  I always have bits and pieces of various fabrics after the rugs are finished.  I fill a big box with them and then make up a warp out of bits and pieces of leftover warp yarn.  Altogether a "use it up", "clear it out" project.
I put on an 11 yard warp of browns and greys and wove 31 potholders approx 8" x 8" plus hems.  Now I'll cut them apart and sew up the hems, put on labels and they'll be ready to go.  I'm about to go into the studio and tie another potholder warp onto the threads left which you can see behind the roll.  This next one is two shades of green, dark and medium.  I have a whole bunch of green plaid fabric to use up.  I'll post a picture when they're done.

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